About us

The most exciting and fulfilling news for a couple is when they realise they are pregnant! We believe that each pregnant couple needs to enjoy their pregnancy because these are moments and experiences that will last a lifetime. Traditionally, when a couple finds out they are pregnant they turn to different areas to gather information, products, services in order to help them prepare for their baby’s arrival. This process can be cumbersome, nerve wrecking and you may not always end up getting the best for yourself and your baby. We at Awww promise you the best! We believe that the right information, product or service, delivered in the right quantity and at the right time is key to a stress free pregnancy. The thought of coming up with a service like this stemmed from the very fact that many of our friends and family, were deprived of certain products and services that could have made this phase more comfortable. This need gap is what gave rise to Awww! Awww promises to walk hand in hand with you through this magical journey We understand that as parents to be, you would want the best for yourself and your baby. Whether its questions related to pregnancy, pre natal care, physical changes, skin care, apparel, post natal care or preparing for your babies arrival, we at Awww will provide you with the comfort and luxury you need at every stage at your doorstep. Our aim is to be able to help every couple put any kind of stress, anxiety, fear that comes with the news of being pregnant behind them and trust in Awww to take them from Day 1 to Day Happiness  Whether you are planning to have a baby, pregnant or just had a baby, Awww specializes in creating a custom experience for each of our couples, catering to their specific needs , during and after the beautiful process of child birth which will make the early memories of your child, the best ones.