Planning a baby

Planning a baby? How far Apart is Smart – Sonali Shivlani We all want the best for our children and at times this is one of the reasons most couples will say they want only one child. Well having one or two is really a couples personal decision but here are some reasons why you need to ensure good family planning. New mums need time to recover : Having a baby makes your body work very hard. If you get pregnant very soon after having your first baby it is possible that the developing baby may not get enough nutrition. You would need to ensure that you adhere to a strict nutrition plan so as to not compromise the developing baby. Also as a pregnant mom you will be tired and your still young baby will naturally not let you sleep through the night. As you feel lousy due to the pregnancy hormones and the tiredness it will also be difficult to enjoy the new baby. Remember that babies need space to grow. Babies born to mothers who space their babies about 2-3 years apart get a healthier start in life. If you get pregnant real quick then chances of the delivery happening premature and the baby being of a low birth weight are much higher.

Discuss various family planning methods with your doctor and choose the one which suits you best. Some of the temporary birth control options available in the market today include : Male and female condoms, birth control pills which can be taken by the woman and IUD’s (Intrauterine devices) which need to be inserted by the doctor and which stay in place for 3-5 years. There are also permanent methods which include a tubectomy for the female and a vasectomy for the male. Both these are options which are very difficult to reverse and hence should be opted for when you are absolutely sure that your family is complete. Before you plan a baby some things that you must do to ensure your physical health : •Visit your doctor. •Get a complete Health check up done which will include all the blood tests. • Get a pap smear and a mammogram done as well. • Start taking your supplements as prescribed by the doctor. Supplements are prescribed for the father – to – be as well. Just a little bit of planning can help you plan your family SMARTLY.

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