Birth of Awww

The most exciting and fulfilling news for a couple is when they find out they are pregnant! Every pregnant couple needs to enjoy their pregnancy because these are moments and experiences that will last a lifetime. Traditionally, when a couple finds out they are pregnant they turn to different areas to gather information, products, services in order to help them prepare for their baby’s arrival. This process can be cumbersome, nerve wrecking and one may not always end up getting the best for themselves and their baby. At Awww, the belief is that the right information, product or service, delivered in the right quantity and at the right time is key to a stress free pregnancy. Awww, is the 1st one stop online destination for all maternity needs for the young Indian, providing personalized information, products and services on a marketplace with the promise of innovation & a unique differentiated experience for every consumer. So how did this come about, is the most common question I am asked when I explain what we do. 2 years ago, I was working with a company that manufactured CNC machines and looked after the marketing function for India.

I was told that my counterpart in the US, had been blessed with a child and I had to pick something up for the new parents and the baby. Clueless, I walked into a store with a friend and realized it was dominated by apparel and toys. I wasn’t too happy with what I saw. Helpless, I finally settled for a cot mobile. I then began thinking about other gifting options should I come across a situation like this in future and instantly the image of my sister crossed my mind. She had just got married at the time and would look at starting a family somewhere in due course like most us of us plan to do. I had time and again played the moment in my head of the day she announces her pregnancy, simply because that baby would be the apple of my eye and pretty much my life 🙂 I am the youngest in the family and I knew when that moment comes, I would be born again! I then began thinking about all that my sister would need in the 9 months of her pregnancy which would be the most important phase in her life, it’s the foundation to a new generation literally! Besides medical help from a gynac there are a host of other products and services that no one really knew about, and if they did know a little, they didn’t know how to get expert access to it. We then began speaking with a lot of pregnant couples and realized that there were certain common pain points that 90 percent of pregnant couples went through and nobody really cared about. It was something that people had just learnt to live with, with a “Chalta Hai” attitude- Discomfort both physical and mental. After a lot of discussion and planning, we finally decided to address the most crucial points from a non medical perspective that would make the lives of a pregnant couple comfortable and stress free. That’s where we put together the basic Pregnancy Care plan and decided to ask the same pregnant couples we spoke with earlier, if our solutions were indeed addressing the problems they encountered. Everybody we met seemed to love the idea and asked us to launch it at that very moment so that they could benefit from it too 🙂 It was a very encouraging and motivating research phase, because it made us believe that we were indeed going to make a helpful change in the lives of pregnant couples. This for me is the biggest reason why Awww was born. Why the name you ask? Well, when you look at a new born baby it makes you go “Awww” and that’s why the name. It was as simple as that 🙂

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