Swollen Breasts


If you’re experiencing some Breast changes and are wondering if this normal in pregnancy, you can heave a sigh of relief.  Breast changes are one of the first few body changes during Pregnancy. Most women may notice the changes even before undergoing a pregnancy test.

One of the first signs to watch out for is that of your breasts getting bigger. They may increase a cup size or two during the course of your pregnancy.  Breasts feel sore and tender and you would notice the Areola becomes larger and darker. Having said that, there a lot of women who don’t experience any changes in their breasts. This is also perfectly normal.

By the second trimester pregnant moms may need a change in the bra size. This size will change till almost week 35 after which it will be more stable and will change back post breast feeding.

Some moms will also experience leaking in the third trimester and this is colostrum. If there is no leaking that is nothing to be concerned about as well.

It is suggested that you wear a good supportive bra all through pregnancy and also post delivery. Make sure you pick a bra that fits you well, the cup must completely cover the breast and additionally choose cotton straps and not elastic ones so that the breasts are supported well and there is less room for a wiggle. After you try them on, bounce in them a bit and if you feel comfortable then that is the size for you. It is advisable to buy just a couple at a time and not too many as the size would change progressively. Post delivery while breast feeding do not wear under wires.

The breast size may return to pre pregnancy state at times up to three years post delivery.

It is also good that you do some chest exercises which can help prevent sagging.

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