Tring Tring! You are going to be a Daddy!


Awww in Association with Oye Happy brings you a fun innovative way to make the “Daddy to be” realise that he has entered the best phase of his life

– Have a bunch of friendly strangers from our team call him up through one whole day with only the last call of the day with a special message for the “Daddy to be”. We will send different messages to your loved one through nursery rhymes, puzzles like Guess what 1+1 equals etc

– All you have to do is share some fun facts about your husband and we will ensure that the calls seem like one made by an old friend he/she doesn’t remember anymore.

– All the calls are made by a group of enthusiastic volunteers from across the country. A part of the amount paid is donated to a social cause every month.

– The specifications can be shared on


– 10 calls will be made to the “Daddy to be”. The calls will be made between 10 AM and 9 PM.

– The calls will be from a mix of both men and women.

– Each call will last approximately for a minute.

Maternity Product
Sold By: Oye Happy Giftom Pvt Ltd
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