Pregnancy Announcement Treasure Trail


– Everybody loves a good treasure hunt. Imagine a pregnancy announcement treasure hunt trail? But organising it and making it special for someone is where most get stuck. Fret not folks  Awww in Association with Oye Happy brings you this fun activity where you tell us where you want the clues hidden and we’ll design your own Pregnancy Announcement treasure hunt kit, right away!

– Every clue is hidden in pirate-style bottles packaged in small boxes. To motivate the player, every box is complemented with a witty certificate, along with the next clue.

– Once your loved one solves the last clue, they will find the final treasure comprising several chocolates, a grand certificate that Says ‘You;re going to be a Daddy” or “ To be Grandmom” and a vintage pocket watch as a winning treat.

– Every clue is customised based on the hiding place you suggest. For instance, if you’d like to hide a clue in your  bedroom, the message could be “Look in the most fashionable and colourful part of the house.”


– Each of the 5 clues is hidden in 5 tiny bottles and placed inside 5 different boxes.

– Also, there is a certificate with a witty clue in each box.

– The 6 th and the final box comprises chocolates, a certificate and a pocket watch as the treasure.

– The clues are composed according to the hiding places you suggest. You can mention the hiding spots at

Maternity Product
Sold By: Oye Happy Giftom Pvt Ltd


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