Pregnancy Announcement Secret Message Box


Now announce your pregnancy with secret messages on each scroll in a bottle! This is going to be soo much fun!!! Awww in Association with Oye Happy brings you handcrafted wooden box comprises 6 bottles with an incomplete message stuck on each. You can need to fill the scrolls yourself or share the messages with us and we’ll do it on your behalf.


Please complete the following messages – We have helped you with ideas of what you can fill in the brackets after each sentence on the scroll in the bottle

  •  I’ll never forget the moment we… (First met or first danced together)
  •  You always make me smile when…  (I have a bad day or I’m feeling low)
  •  I love the way you…   (Do everything in the world to keep me happy)
  •  That little thing you do… (Where you go out of your way and help someone in need is the best quality about you)
  •  Have I told you lately… (That I Love you or That I have enjoyed every moment of the last few years as husband and wife.)
  •  The sweetest thing about you is… (You always put the people you love before yourself and you now have one more person to love unconditionally… You are soon going to be a Daddy!)

– You can alternatively share your messages if you would like us to write it for you on


– Please note that ONLY the content in the scroll can be customised. The stickers on the bottles cannot be changed.



– The wooden box is handcrafted in pinewood.

– Each bottle is approximately 3 inches high.

– For further details, call us on 9022984332


Maternity Product
Sold By: Oye Happy Giftom Pvt Ltd


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