Pregnancy Announcement App- Appliy Yours!


– For those who are always glued to their phones, surprise them with an amazing Pregnancy announcement app created entirely for them and announce your Pregnancy in the most innovative fun way.

– The app is customised with a fun quiz, puzzles, messages and pictures. The features in the app are:

  • A few slides customised with pictures and messages telling your loved one how much you love them
  • A fun multiple choice quiz to test how well the partner knows you.
  • A jigsaw puzzle of your favourite picture.
  • Spin the wheel game with naughty dares.
  • A fun game where your loved one needs to collect things in a basket without dropping any. The falling object can be customised from a beer bottle to hand bags based on what he or she loves.
  • As the final surprise, there will be a video created using 8-10 pictures and the pregnancy announcement message shared by you.

How it works:

Step 1: Place the order and share all the customisation details at

Step 2: The App team gets in touch with you to confirm all the details you share.

Step 3: The download link for the app is mailed within 72 hours to the email ID you share.

Step 4: You can simply download it on the special person’s phone, or get them to download it, and the app is ready to surprise.

– Download a sample from the App store to know how it works – (The password to access the app is ‘a’).

–The app can work on both Android and iPhone.

iPhone users will have to share a UDID (Unique Device Code) to install the app. The tech team will get in touch with you after you place the order to help you find the UDID on your phone.  

–  The app can ONLY be installed on one iPhone and not multiple devices.

Maternity Product
Sold By: Oye Happy Giftom Pvt Ltd


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