Newborn Baby Head Pillow & Baby Soap

Baby Head Pillow

A baby head shaping pillow supports your little one’s head in a way that prevents flat head syndrome. It also ensures that your little one keeps its head straight while sleeping and resting, and doesn’t end up in any awkward sleeping positions.

Himalaya Baby Soap

Himalaya’s Gentle Baby Soap is formulated to effectively cleanse and condition your baby’s skin gently, leaving it soft and hydrated. The natural goodness of Olive oil and Almond Oil, rich in vitamins, are infused into our Gentle Baby Soap to ensure healthy and glowing skin. Ideal for daily use.

Pillow Features

– Gives baby’s head the right support to prevent flat head syndrome.
– Soft and comfortable and colorful prints.
– Easily washable.

Sold By: All Maternity Needs Under One Roof - Awww India


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