Announce your Pregnancy with QR codes and more!


– Here’s a surprise which only opens for those who work for it. Awww in Association with Oye Happy brings you this unique gift where you Lock your secret pregnancy messages in QR codes and make your loved one unravel the notes and a 3-digit code needed to open the box.

How it works

Step 1

  • Share 4 one-liner messages with us. For Eg: 1+1=3 or Ten little fingers ten little toes, what is it that you need to know?

Step 2

  • Each message will be translated into QR codes and printed on 4 cards.

Step 3

  • Your loved one will have to scan the QR code using any scanning app to read the messages. They will also find a 3-digit code in the last message.

Step 4

  • Your loved one can use the code to open the lock and find the gift – A miniature wooden easel customised with 5 pictures announcing your pregnancy on the last message.

– The messages and pictures can be shared along with your order number at


– Size of the pictures in the easel – 6 inches X 3 inches.

– The easel is packaged in a steel box with a 3-digit code. We will automatically add the code in the 4th QR card.

Maternity Product
Sold By: Oye Happy Giftom Pvt Ltd


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