Increased sex drive

Increased sex drive in the second trimester of your pregnancy is absolutely normal and if you’re feeling the same there’s no need to worry J

For most pregnancies sexual intercourse is allowed. However it is prudent to discuss your case with the doctor. What is important to remember if you get the go ahead that you do not put pressure on the abdomen. This can be achieved by the father being in the doggy style, or the woman on top or side ways. If you find this uncomfortable or are overly concerned you can think of other non invasive methods to pleasure each other. Most women do find intercourse uncomfortable due to vaginal dryness and you could use a lubricant. Ensure that you do not try any incorrect postures or rectal intercourse as this can cause infections. Intercourse is generally allowed between week 12 to week 35. Post week 35 most doctors will ask you to abstain as it increases the possibility of vaginal infections. It can also lead to infection passing to the baby if your water bag were to break. It is also important to abstain from nipple stimulation during intercourse as this can lead to pre term labor especially post week 28. If you find that your nipples are leaking don’t worry this is absolutely normal. Additionally you may want to ask your partner to avoid touching your breasts as they may be sensitive.

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