Day 99, Weekl 15

Your Pregnancy Journey

Staying healthy and fit in your pregnancy journey is one of the most vital elements for all the to be moms. Walking is one of the safest and easiest exercises to begin with and does not even need supervision. Ensure that you walk at a pace that you are comfortable with. Think about the Talk and Walk test. If you can talk without getting breathless but would still prefer to avoid talking then that is the right pace for you. Most moms will be comfortable with a 30-minute walk everyday.

Another exercise that you can safely start with is Deep breathing. It might seem odd that Deep breathing is considered to be an exercise but if done correctly it can actually tone the lungs and the abdominal muscles. It is a safe exercise and can be done even by women on bed rest. The best way to learn how to do deep breathing is to imagine that your body is a large deflated balloon. Now place one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest. Slowly inhale, filling up your chest and then your abdomen till the maximum possible point. Now slowly exhale first allowing the air to exit the abdomen and then slowly deflate your lungs. Always breathe in and our through your nostrils and ensure that you do not hold your breath anywhere. It is recommended that you do this exercise at least once a day for 30-40 deep breaths. Also do the exercise in a non-air-conditioned environment as this will allow you to take in more fresh air and hence more oxygen.

When you begin your exercise program, you may feel lethargic and demotivated. Don’t quit. Once you have been exercising for a few days you will realize the immense benefits. Your body will feel energized and you will feel rejuvenated. And interestingly it will also help you to sleep better at night.

Now is the time when you realise that you need some cool trendy, awesome maternity wear. You will no longer be able to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes and Awww has just what you need. You no longer have to settle for boring oversized clothes that don’t meet your fashion checklist. Check our Maternity clothes section and select a range of whatever you like from Indian wear to western wear. Go ahead and enjoy yourself!

Also in this week the blood volumes in your body have increased and your heart is working to supply almost 20 % more blood to your body.

Your baby’s growth

Guess what! Your baby is now growing some awesome luscious hair! Your baby is also getting some colour to its skin this week. The production of melanin in your baby’s body is developing at this stage. You baby’s hair is also developing at this stage and the melanin is also giving the hair its colour. Your baby’s growth and development every week seems more and more miraculous in nature. Doesn’t it? That’s just the beautiful feeling of becoming a parent! Let it all soak in. Enjoy it!

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