Day 94, Importance of Pregnancy

You are always wondering if you are consuming the right amount of nutrients during your pregnancy. You want to make sure that what you eat helps in the growth and development of your baby in the right manner. There are certain essential nutrients that are truly vital during your pregnancy.  This article will give you a brief overview of how the intake of calcium can help you in your pregnancy.

CALCIUM –Calcium builds bones and teeth in the developing fetus. Additionally it is also responsible for building muscle, especially the heart muscle and the nervous system. Most of the times if the mother’s diet is calcium deficient the developing foetus will pull calcium from the mother’s bones leading to brittle bones for the mother later in life. Hence it is important to ensure that you consume enough calcium during pregnancy and post delivery. In addition to the calcium supplement prescribed by the doctor you should consume about 600 ml of milk and milk products every day. Whole milk is not necessary. You can consume toned or skimmed milk. Milk products will also include curds, lassi, paneer and cheese. Calcium is best absorbed when vitamin D is present which is why most calcium supplements come with a small dose of Vitamin D. Other sources of calcium will include dark green leafy vegetables, legumes, sesame seeds, nachni and jaggery. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight which your body can absorb through the skin. Some food sources of Vitmain D include Salmon, Mushrooms and Egg Yolk.

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