Day 83, All about Pregnancy Classes

The Low down on Pregnancy Classes.

There are many pregnancy classes that are available for moms to be and parents to be. Let’s start with a basic classification – classes which offer only pregnancy exercises and classes which offer the complete pregnancy program. Within exercise classes there could be yoga or a prenatal workout program. These are very helpful as they allow moms to work out. Most of them will be in groups and there is a certified trainer who will supervise the class. You could also look at hiring a personal trainer who will then work with you individually. Group classes are of course more fun as you get to meet other moms and there is a higher level of motivation.

A complete program would then be again further divided – classes which focus only on birth preparation and classes which also cover pregnancy and post delivery information in addition to birth preparation. Additionally some classes will allow the spouse to attend all sessions whereas some will restrict spouse attendance to only the birth class. Choice of the class will depend on your own needs and preferences.

A pregnancy class will provide you with customised information which is relevant to your stage of pregnancy as well as your own requirements. Additionally you will be meeting other parents and that will help you to discuss your concerns and understand that most of what you are going thru is very normal and other parents are also going thru the same. Some of the things that a typical class will cover is nutrition, pregnancy information, safe exercises, labor preparation, breathing exercises, child care and breast feeding.

These trainers are counselors and they will not provide medical advice but can help you to understand medical information and help you to understand your choices better.

Some classes may also be available on the online platform which means that you can take them from the comfort of your home.

Make sure that you have a certified trainer so that you are able to be confident of the information that you receive from them.

(just for the record – lamaze is an organisation and not something that can be really called lamaze classes. hence the piece has to be pregnancy classes. lamaze certified trainers to then conduct pregnancy classes. it is to the world of pregnancy what xerox is to photocopy. In the same way there are other organisations also – CAPPA ICEA, Child birth International and so on.)

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