Day 67, Travelling during Pregnancy


I cannot travel at all during Pregnancy.


I can’t travel by air during pregnancy


Most people believe that once our pregnant travelling should be limited. There is also a lot of myth that surrounds air travel as well. In our day to day lives we need to travel to get work or other tasks completed. We cannot sit at home all the time. We do have to travel. Possibly to work, to the market, for an outing or even for a holiday. You are pregnant and hence it may be wise to choose a mode of transport that is not very jarring, which means that avoid two and three wheelers during pregnancy as far as possible. You do not want to feel uncomfortable with the bumps and road irregularities and sudden breaks. For road transport use cars and buses, Trains are safe as well and of course you can take a flight too. Most airlines will ask you to carry a Fit to Fly letter from your doctor if you have crossed week 28 of your pregnancy. When on the flight make sure you drink plenty of fluids, move around frequently, perform stretching exercises on your seat and carry some home cooked snacks so that you do not have to rely completely on airline food.

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