Day 64, Week 10

Your Pregnancy Journey

In week 10 mums may experience an increase in their cup size and would need to get a bigger bra size. They also may experience an increase in their waist line and may need to start wearing more comfortable maternity clothing. Moms would also need to buy maternity under garments to provide support and prevent any sagging. The uterus is growing rapidly and is now almost as big as an orange. It is still within the pelvic cavity hence pregnancy is still not visible to others.

There is the urge to urinate frequently and you may be surprised since the uterus is not yet large. However hormonal changes are causing the bladder muscles to relax. Due to this the bladder is not able to empty completely and hence may cause the need to urinate frequently. Also in the 1st trimester the uterus presses against your bladder which also causes frequent urination.

Baby’s growth

Your baby is growing rapidly and will soon form into a tiny little person. The baby’s fingers and toes are no longer webbed at this point. The baby’s ankles and wrists are formed and the fingers and toes are clearly visible. The baby is now 4-5 cms long.

The baby’s jaw bones are also beginning to form at this stage along with their future teeth.

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