Day 62, Having the girl’s mother in delivery room is Bad Luck


Having the girl’s mother in the delivery room at the time of delivery is bad luck.


This statement is totally untrue. When it’s time for the baby to be born, in most cases there is one person that is allowed to accompany the mom into the delivery room. This could either be the husband, a sibling, mother, friend, a pre natal and post natal expert or anyone that the mother would count upon for support and strength. The actual process of giving birth is very personal to each mum and the procedures carried out by the gynaecologist totally depend upon the current situation at hand. The mum and baby’s well being is top priority for the doctor conducting the procedure and he/she will take necessary actions to ensure that both the mum and baby are doing fine. This has got no co relation whatsoever with whom the mum chooses as her support structure in the delivery room. Infact most to be mums are happy to have their mothers in the delivery room with them during this moment and they can do so without any inhibitions.

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