Day 43, Week 7

Your Pregnancy Journey

If you visit your gynaecologist at this point in time, they would do a physical examination in the form of a vaginal examination in order to be able to confirm the pregnancy. At this stage of your pregnancy, you may begin to feel a little tired or fatigued. Pregnancy hormones are making you feel this way. At this stage this is normal. You must however run these symptoms through your doctor to make sure it’s a normal pregnancy effect and not something to worry about. The Breasts also continue to feel enlarged and tender. You may also experience some mood swings at this point in time too and may also find some difficulty sleeping due to the anxiety of the baby growing inside you. But this is all normal. If you are facing Anytime sickness and are facing difficulty in dealing with it, Here are a few tips to manage ‘Anytime Sickness’.

Your baby’s growth

Your baby has now grown a little more. Every week is going to be so exciting cause there will be small developments in stages and it’s the most magical feeling ever. Your baby’s spinal cord and the brain are now almost ready and the baby is app 1-3 cm long. They eyelids are also beginning to form

The baby now also has limb buds which resemble arms and legs. The limbs also have developed small formations which will eventually grow into fingers and toes.

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