Day 29, Week 5

Your Pregnancy Journey

This is the time when you actually think you may be pregnant. It’s a beautiful phase in every woman’s life, and an occasion to celebrate. The first sign to you being pregnant is that your monthly period is delayed. There are also some physical changes to look out for during this phase. Usually the first physical signs are noticed in the breasts. They feel bigger and tender in general. The aerola appears darker and bigger. In this phase you may also feel the urge to urinate more.

Your Baby’s growth

In this week you baby’s spine and brain is beginning to form. The egg is now called an embryo and is about 2mm long. It is possible to see the embryo with the naked eye. Your baby’s limbs, facial features, liver and kidneys are also beginning to form in this phase. It is an indeed an exciting time and in the next few weeks your baby will grow further little by little taking form. We are sure you can’t wait for your baby to be in your arms.

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