Day 277, When to call a Pediatrician?

As new parents, we have innumerable panic attacks especially since we are inexperienced. Having a pediatrician who is able to help keep you calm and answer your queries is a blessing. Whenever you have the urge to make that panic phone call do take a moment, pause and understand if your concern requires immediate attention or can wait for a visit to the clinic. Most doctor’s would prefer to answer routine questions like which soaps to use, pros and cons of vaccinations, travel concerns etc at the clinic. We should not disturb them with routine questions over the phone. Instead maintain a diary and note down all your questions as they come up. When you go for your next visit, carry the diary with you and have all your doubts cleared.

With a new baby, there will be some moments when you feel you need immediate attention. Discuss this in advance with your doctor and ask for a contact number in case of emergency. It is best that this is not a hospital emergency room number but a line where you can reach someone competent to answer a few immediate questions.

Here are some situations when you must call the Doctor :

1. Bleeding that does not stop with direct pressure over the wound.

2. Poisining.

3. Seizures.

4. Head injury with loss of consciousness and vomiting.

5. Fever above 100.4° F.

6. Vomiting and diarrhea that last for more than a few hours.

7. Cuts that need stitches.

8. Blood in the urine.

9. No fluid intake for 12 hours.

10. Any other symptom that is making the child appear uncomfortable and out of the ordinary and does not appear to diminish.

Before you make that all important phone call, keep the following information ready :

· Be sure to have a pen and paper ready to note down instructions.

· Take and record your child’s temperature before making the phone call.

· Make a mention of your child’s medical history.

· Make a mention of any medications or supplements that the child is currently taking.

· Keep your immunization card handy.

Children do fall ill frequently and then bounce back. We just need to take care of them and help to make the phase less stressful for them as well as ourselves.


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