Day 271, How to Massage a Baby?

Giving your baby a massage has loads of benefits and you must follow the below process to ensure that it is a pleasant experience for your baby.

Usually a massage can be done at any time of the day but is best done before a baby’s bath and especially in the evening before she settles for the night

Make sure that the room you select for your baby’s massage is warm, app 25 degrees C and quiet. Try putting out on soothing background music. Lay the baby on a soft towel.

How to you determine the amount of pressure needed for the massage? Well, the amount of pressure needed to massage your eyelids is enough.

Small baby areas can be stroked using figer tips, large areas can be stroked using palms.

If you plan to give your baby a massage before her bath you can use oil.

For oil application, coconut oil in the summers and olive oil in the winters is the best choice.

Start with the baby’s face and use your finger tips to massage the face. Do not use oil on the face.

Slowly move to massage the baby’s arms and use your finegr tips to massage the palms.

Now use your hands to massage the legs and gently bring the knees up to the tummy. Use your finger tips to massage the baby’s feet.

At the tummy use gentle circles in a clockwise direction.

Use your palms to sweep slowly and gently along your baby’s back up to her shoulders. Do not massage the baby’s spine.

If your baby appears stressed and does not seem to enjoy the massage, stop and start again or try again another day.

Try this process and your baby would have a great massage experience 🙂

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