Day 27, Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy is a time to rest. It is natural for your body to feel tired and sleepy in the first few weeks. It is after all making a new life and that is hard work.

1) Visit your doctor regularly for your prenatal checkups and this will help to detect any problems at an early stage.

2) Avoid eating uncooked and non  vegetarian food outside the house. Especially stay away from sea food which comes in shells and avoid soft cheeses.

3) If you need to travel for work avoid two wheelers and auto rickshaws. A bus or train is a safer option if you cannot travel by private vehicle.

4) Pregnancy is a time to be stress free so try and relax and keep stress out of your life. If you get a lot of morning sickness and this happens throughout the pregnancy then consult with your doctor or a nutritionist to plan your meals.  Contact Awww to help you with a perfect diet and nutrition plan

5) Swelling of hands, feet and face should be reported to the doctor immediately.  Sometimes swelling in the body for eg; the feet could be perfectly normal but ensure you run it through your doctor. If the doctor seems to think its normal you could look at getting some help to make you feel a little more comforted inspite of all the swelling. For eg: You look at indulging in some relaxing pregnancy massage  sessions at home and Awww can arrange that for you right away. You could also look at purchasing the Awww special maternity footwear that is specially designed to accommodate swelling in the foot . The shoe expands and contracts as per swelling and increase in foot size and keeps the mum comfortable.

6) Understand how to count your baby’s movements and keep track of them. The movements can be a strong indicator of the baby’s well being.

7) Stretch marks and pigmentation are a normal part of pregnancy and will fade away a few weeks after the birth.  Make sure you eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Hydrating and applying a vitamin E based cream / lotion or oil will also help. Apply twice a day to abdomen breasts and buttocks starting from the 12th week. Continue this practice for six months post delivery.

8) It is natural to feel unexceptionally warm and breathless during pregnancy. If you doctor deems you fit, you should join a pregnancy class/exercise class. Exercises as suggested by your prenatal care provider can help deal with the feeling of breathlessness. However along with breathlessness if you experience chest pain, cough or severely not being able to breathe you must call your doctor immediately

9) Sleep can also become a challenge as your pregnancy progresses due to the growing weight of the uterus and the frequent urination. Invest in a good body pillow from Awww to get comfortable and restrict fluid intake closer to bedtime.

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