Day 267, Week 39

Mom at Week 39

Since you are very close to giving birth, its good to know what you feel when the process starts. Your body is starting to prepare for labor. The cervix starts to soften in preparation for birth and the number and intensity of Braxton hicks contractions increases. The level of amniotic fluid reduces.

Closer to the birth the contractions are very intense. This is when most moms will feel a loss of control and will probably ask for some pain relief. But there is no point in taking any pain medications at this time as birth is just about to happen.

Once the body is completely ready the mom will feel a strong urge to push and bear down. This can also be compared to passing a hard motion. The sensation is unmistakable and mom will be fully aware of the fact that the baby is now ready to come. As the baby’s head crowns she will feel a burning sensation in her perineum as it stretches to accomadate the head of the baby.

As the baby comes thru the contractions pause and mom will feel intense relief and a huge sense of achievement. She is very excited and over whelmed. She is keen to meet her baby and get breast feeding started and at the same time wants to shout from the top of the world that she is a mom.

Your baby’s growth

As you approach the last few weeks of your pregnancy, the baby starts taking the position for birth automatically. What is this position? Gravity helps by pulling the baby’s head which is the heavy part towards the pelvis. Also the baby naturally finds it comfortable to find space for his head in the pelvic cavity.The pressure on the cervix increases as the baby’s head descents downward thus making the cervix shorter and thinner

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