Day 265, Quality Time with your Baby

The most magical part in any parents life is observing how the baby observes you and responds to you, as you teach them about their new world and as you two discover it together for them

This is so special … when your baby and you learn to communicate with each other, you develop a bond…. as you respond to your baby and re-enforce what they do … this is the basis of developing their self esteem.

Babies develop at their own pace and most often we ought to let them be. But there are certain things that can be done to help that growth and development from an early stage. Their first steps or their first words are an exciting phase in every parent’s life.

Babies develop physically and mentally. For moms who want the edge in Baby development here are a few tips.

Communicate with your Baby – It is important to communicate with your baby. Talk to your baby, smile at your baby, hold and cuddle your baby. This makes them feel secure, reassures their self esteem.

Play with your Baby – A new born can see only 10 to 14 inches away and also cannot see full color. Hold your baby close and also use toys with vibrant bright colours and exciting sounds. Babies love reacting to different sounds. Providing the right kind of stimuli for your new born is very important. Using these toys correctly can help eye muscle development, improve eye-hand co-ordination and over all aid in developing the fine motor skills which are used for all our daily activities from writing to tying a shoe lace.

Exercise with your Baby – Yes, believe it or not, research has shown that babies who are exposed  to exercise early in life tend to lead a healthier life style. Play gyms are a good place to help the baby stretch their arms and legs which would help development of these muscles and in turn will aid in developing the gross motor skills which are important for sitting up, crawling and finally walking and Babies are also encouraged to turn their head in different directions which in turn helps develop their neck muscles.

Do bear in mind that in the first year the infant’s brain grows rapidly and it is essential that parents select the right kind of stimuli to ensure optimum brain development. As the brain develops with the multiple connection of neurons, the more unstructured and variety of stimuli that is provided in the early years, the more neuron connections are made. The right kind of Toys and products must be selected as per the age and developmental stage of the baby.

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