Day 257, Welcome home Mom & Baby

Pregnancy for most of us refers to a phase when a couple decides to start a family and plans various aspects around it in order to secure the future of the baby and themselves as a family. As a spectator you would look from afar and say its a beautiful phase, once the baby is born you would probably go all “Awww” on seeing the little bundle of joy. When an individual actually goes through this phase personally, the experience is a lot more different and the emotions attached are something you would have never experienced before.  I’m not saying this cause I have gone through the phase myself but I say this because for a living I actually go through most parts of the journey with several moms and their several different set of experiences day in an day out. So in a way I am am exposed to a whole set of different overwhelming emotions through the 9 months journey 🙂

Once the 9 months journey is complete and the baby is finally born I have seen all the anxieties of labour, pain and everything else that would make a couple nervous fly right out of the window. The baby in a way changes your very reason of existence. In India we celebrate weddings with a lot of fun fare and glamour. Its a day with lavish arrangements and its something we as individuals plan for very many year. Parents plan the day their kids would get married for years together by saving towards it, kids plan the way that all important day would go through by taking care of the smallest arrangements.

We at Awww plan your baby’s first steps into your home and into your lives. According to us your baby’s first moments in the world and your lives are equally important as a wedding or a birthday milestone celebration. I want to share an experience of planning once such beautiful baby homecoming ceremony. A father wanted to surprise this wife and baby and contacted us to plan this special moment. The night before the mum and baby were to be discharged the father informed us that the baby could possibly be suffering from typhoid and that he had lost his aunt that day and she was quite close to his wife. As most of us are aware this phase can be quite overwhelming for a new mother and she was going through a whole set of emotions mentally. The next day we were informed that the baby’s test results were fine and they were ready to be discharged. Their car was decorated and ready right below the hospital. As soon as they came out there was a sudden twinkle in the eyes of the Mum as she saw all the arrangements made to bring her and the baby home. As they drove home, their house was decorated with baby elements, photo memories and different milestones  as a couple, There were messages from their dear and near loved ones that were played out for the mum and baby to add to this special day. I had personally never seen so much of joy and emotion in a span of 1 hour. The Mum then recorded a message for her baby that tore us all up a little. From my team that was recording this video behind the lens, to her family members – everyone in that room was in tears when she spoke. She said she was really depressed before leaving the hospital and was feeling very emotional and this surprise made her feel soo happy and special as a woman and a mother and that she would do everything within her ability to give her baby the best life she could.

Women really go through a long journey to bring a new born into this world and this homecoming ceremony is worth every inch of smile on their faces. Its also the best welcome for the baby into your lives and a great memory for a lifetime! So lets plan to make this day special for the mom and your new born!

Here are moments from that special day.

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