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In pregnancy women go through a whole set of different experiences both common and uncommon.

Based on a lot of research on the subject, there are certain common pain points that 80-90 percent of women go through when they are pregnant. Normally the first trimester consists of symptoms like nausea, vomiting, aversion to certain types of food, etc. In the first trimester pregnant mums are advised to seek help in terms of charting out basic pregnancy information, a well nutritious diet plan based on their eating habits and to gain access to expert information with regards to changes in their body and the growth of their baby. A good pre natal expert would be able to guide you well through the first trimester by covering these relevant topics.

The second trimester brings along a lot of physical changes in the expecting mother. From back aches, to swelling in the feet, certain physical discomforts can be taken care of with the use of simple products. For instance, a good sleeping pillow or a wedge pillow while you are seated can take care of a lot of body pains and relieve the stress on the back due to the growing belly.  Specialised Pregnancy footwear can accommodate foot swelling issues, posture problems and provide you with a good grip while walking. These products instantly create a feel good factor in expecting mothers. It is also a good idea to sign up with prenatal qualified exercise or yoga expert in order to keep your body fit during pregnancy. This also helps ease the process of labour provided your local gynaecologist deems you fit for these exercise sessions. There are also a host of maternity apparel options available to pregnant mums

Once you cross your third trimester it is important to get expert advice and health tips/tricks on labour and delivery, breastfeeding and lactation, child care and post natal care. Again here a good post natal qualified expert trainer should be able to take care of these aspects during your third trimester in pregnancy. Well, all that I have mentioned so far helps make the 9 month journey comfortable and relieves stress. There are also other fun services you could consider incase you are keen, like a baby shower or a maternity photoshoot in order to capture those pregnancy memories for a lifetime.

Go on and enjoy your pregnancy!

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