Day 239, Week 35

Mom at Week 35

If you have already signed up for a Pre Natal Class you will notice that at this stage, Your child birth classes will now start focusing on the labor and delivery process. The class would start coaching you on the breathing patterns and positions to be employed during labor and delivery. If you have not already signed up for this class please consider doing so. You might also start developing back ache in this phase as your muscles and ligaments start relaxing in preparation for labor. At this stage it might also be a good idea to start preparing your hospital bag. Labor can start anytime once you are in week 37 and when you do feel the contractions you do not want to scramble around or take stress regards your hospital bag. Of course most hospitals will provide everything for the mother for use during labor and even gowns for the stay so do not worry. Check with the hospital if they will be providing the items for the baby and pack accordingly. Pack essentials like Toiletries, maternity pads, warm socks, chapstick, gum, camera etc.

Your baby’s growth

The baby now is about 44 cms long and weighs app.2500 gms and is almost fully developed.  Your baby’s kidneys and liver are now fully developed. Most of your baby’s physical body’s parts are now developed and the baby will continue to grow in size and weight over the next few weeks.


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