Day 162, Week 24

Your Pregnancy Journey

Experiencing swelling in your feet? Feeling like you can’t fit any of your footwear? Are you uncomfortable with anything you wear to go out? Well dot fret, this is completely normal. In your third trimester most moms will experience swelling in their feet around the ankles and toes. It is also natural to go up by atleast one shoe size. The additional weight you carry in the baby tend to flatten your feet and the hormone relaxin tends to relax the muscles in your body including your feet which account for an increase in the length of your feet. Well you don’t need to worry about the problem anymore. Awww has the perfect solution for you. Invest in a pair of specifically designed pregnancy shoes that come with insole cushioning and flexi leather belt that stretches and contracts to accommodate any increase in foot size and any swelling. The shoes are also specially crafted to offer you the best grip in the form of soles and we would advise you to wear this post delivery while carrying the baby as well. So go on a buy your maternity shoe pair from your shopping section.

Baby’s growth

Your baby is now about 32 cms long and weighs app. 500 gms. The top of the uterus which is called the fundus now reaches your navel. Most of your baby’ organs are almost developed but the lungs are not yet fully mature and hence the baby still needs the protection and safety of the uterus to survive. The baby will find it difficult to survive outside the uterus.

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