Day 152, Plan Baby Shower with Awww

Plan your baby shower with Awww!

Planning a baby shower at home and looking for something basic to fit your budget ? Planning a baby shower in a banquet hall and looking for some fun customised creative baby shower themes and zones? Well we understand you every need at Awww!

Depending upon your requirement will work out a customized, innovative Baby Shower that will leave you and your guests saying “Awww” at the end of the event. In India we celebrate our marriages, birthdays with such style but sadly ignore celebrations when your own child is about to step into the world! Its a big moment of celebration for the parents and the baby to be born. Awww is here to make those initial moments memorable for a lifetime.

Basic Home and Banquet baloon decor with ribbons – Rs. 5000

Awww Special theme based package plan- Theme based shower that will make sure you and your guests have an unforegttable experience through our innovative zones like theme based entrance, selfie counter, wish string zone, theme based entry for guests, dessert counter, Mom seating area,  speical surprise entry for parents, Emcee with innovative baby shower games, event photography, Basic sound and DJ setup   – Rs. 35000

To book this service place your order with us in our services section under the Awww Products and Services page.


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