Day 129, Pregnancy Shopping List

Shopping for Pregnant Moms

The ‘it’ list BEING pregnant and having a baby is probably one of the most exciting phases of a woman’s life. There are many doubts, queries and concerns, but alongside, there is also the expectation of a beautiful new phase of life. Naturally, shopping is a very important part of this experience. For all the expecting mommies out there, Awww has compiled an experts’ list of must-haves during expectancy:

1. MATERNITY BRAS: This is a very wise investment. The first pregnancy change even before you miss your period is breast changes. The breast becomes tender and sore, and the areola darkens. It is important to wear the right bra for comfort and to prevent sagging. You may have to change sizes frequently, so don’t buy too many pieces. Always remember to try them on before buying.

2. MASSAGE LOTION: Pregnancy changes are most prominent in the abdomen, breast and buttocks. Use a vitamin E based massage oil or lotion from the 12th week on to help reduce the incidence of stretch marks. You can continue using this even post delivery.

3. MATERNITY CLOTHES: You may be able to use your regular clothes up to the 5th month, but invest in a couple of maternity pants and jeans which you can mix and match with various tops. Choose basic and neutral colours as this will help you to stretch your wardrobe. 4. SUPPORT BELT: This can be helpful in the third trimester when the uterus becomes heavy and you feel a lot of pressure on the pelvis. It is generally recommended for mothers carrying multiples or for petite moms who are carrying a large baby.  Contact Awww for details on this today

5. SUPPORT PILLOW: Shaped like a wedge, this pillow supports the abdomen when you sleep and can offer lumbar support when you sit.  Contact Awww for details on this today

6. BODY PILLOW: A body pillow will help support your back and your legs when you sleep. The pillow also helps you to maintain your side sleeping position and will prevent you from rolling over on your back. Contact Awww for details on this today

7. MATERNITY SHOES:  Imagine a pair of shoes to accommodate your foot swelling problems! Presenting special maternity shoes from Awww! Not only do these look good but are specially designed for your pregnancy and post pregnancy needs. The shoes have Cushioned insoles with Anti skid soles and a Flexi leather band that expands and contracts as per swelling and increase in foot size during pregnancy.

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