Day 124, Pre Natal & Post Natal Massages

Pre natal massages and Post natal massage therapists from Awww

Pre Natal Massage- A prenatal massage relieves the “mother to be” from aches and pains. A pregnant woman experiences pain or swelling in their lower back, abdomen, head, feet etc. A good therapist can ease swelling and pain thus providing comfort to the “to be mother” and helping her relax.

Prenatal massages help increase oxygen in the blood. It helps in blood circulation through all the parts of the body thus ensuring enough oxygen and nutrients reach the mum and baby. It helps to tone the muscles of the body and helps ease sciatic pain. Most women face sleepless nights in pregnancy and prenatal massages helps in relaxing the mother thus decreasing insomnia. Pregnancy massages also help during depression and eases stress in the mind of mums thus helping them feel better.

Post Natal Massage- Post-delivery, some new mothers experience depression. A good professional therapist with the help of a good post natal massage can help the mother feel good, relaxed and happy which automatically releases endorphins – “feel good hormones” that help tackle depression. A post natal massage helps increase blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles and helps the mother get back into their pre pregnancy shape.

To Book this service right away, please visit our services tab on the Awww Products and services page and we will have our therapists provide you with soothing pregnancy massages in the comfort of your home.

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