Day 120, Week 18

Your Pregnancy Journey

Experiencing food cravings? Food cravings in pregnancy are quite normal.  A midnight snack or a mid day craving is something your body call out for and its nothing to be worried about. Some mums experience cravings towards something they like and some experience cravings towards something that they don’t prefer all that much. All of which is very natural. Some Moms have a cravings for sweet, some have a cravings for something tangy in nature. Other moms crave junk food, cold desserts, yogurts so on and so forth.

A mom experiences food cravings when there is a deficiency in the mom’s nutrient levels. For eg: Some moms crave tangy food and these are foods which are high in vitamin C. Iron levels drop during pregnancy and vitamin C helps the body to absorb more iron and hence naturally asks for the mother to eat more of vitamin C foods. Make sure you follow a balanced nutritious diet to help curb cravings.

Your baby’s growth

Beginning to feel your baby’s first magical moments? Thos initial baby movements during this time make your baby seem much more real and in high spirits than the images on the ultrasound you are used to seeing. The movements would usually feel like gas bubbles or flutters. In most cases you may just think it’s indigestion but it’s actually your baby that you can now feel within you. Your baby now measures approximately 20cms and is much more active. You maybe also in for a bigger treat. If you’re lucky during an ultrasound you may see your baby grasping the umbilical cord or sucking its thumb.

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