Day 119, Pregnancy Workout with Partner

PREGNANCY is a very special time for the mother.

There is a new life growing inside of her and there is a lot of excitement, expectation and planning for the big day. Traditionally, this was the mother’s domain but today’s father has also taken a lead role in every aspect of pregnancy. From doctor’s appointments to pregnancy classes, ultrasound scans to helping the mother eat right. So why not exercise?

There are a lot of benefits of exercising with your partner. Working out with your partner can be fun and exciting. It’s a great time for you to bond and spend time with each other. First and foremost, you have an exercise buddy which means that you are less likely to get bored and more motivated to stick to your schedule. Secondly, your partner will be able to observe you and help you take corrective measures to get that right posture and prevent injuries. Thirdly your partner can provide the support while performing certain postures which will allow you to achieve more than what you set out to achieve on your own. A team works better than a single individual anyway.

The easiest and most fun workout that you can plan with your partner is going for a walk. You can get started on the early morning walk before you both head to work, or if you prefer, you can even walk in the evenings.

Additionally, here are some postures that your partner can help you with:


Stand facing your partner and hold on to your partners hand for support. Your partner will help balance you. Spread your

legs wide, point your toes out and gently squat. Go half way till your thighs are parallel to the ground and make sure that your knees do not cross the toe line. You can repeat the squats as per your comfort. Once you gain strength, you can go lower and attempt a full squat as well. Remember to use your partner only for balance, and not to pull yourself up and down.


Lie down on your side and have your partner sit behind you. Your partner can place his hand on your ankle to provide counter pressure. Now raise your leg against the pressure being provided by your partner. This counter pressure will act as a weight, and will add intensity to your workout. You can repeat the leg raises as per your comfort and then turn over and work the other leg.


Sit on the floor with your feet facing and touching each other. Your partner will sit in front of you. After you have done several gentle flutters in this position, have your partner apply pressure with his hands on both your knees. This has to be done gently and to the point of your resistance. This posture will help improve the flexibility in the inner thighs, and hence, prepare the body for labour and birth.


Have your partner sit with back support and you can lean against him for support. He can place his arms around you and place his hands on your abdomen to help monitor your breathing. Take a deep breath in, all the way to your lower abdomen and then slowly exhale. Repeat this a few times. Have your partner check that you are inhaling deeply.


Once again the posture remains the same. Sit snuggled against your partner, only this time you will be doing short breaths only till your chest. Have your partner check that you are not using your abdomen muscles for breathing. This type of breathing can be used during labor to help manage the pain of the contractions.

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