Day 36, Week 6

Your Pregnancy Journey

You may physically experience some additional changes. At this stage your vagina appears slightly blue instead of the usual pink. Also a urine test or home pregnancy test at this point of time would be able to confirm the pregnancy. This is the time when most women start facing morning sickness and nausea symptoms. Your may become sensitive to different type of aromas around and you may feel like throwing up at certain smells. We really don’t know why this is called Morning Sickness, mainly because for a pregnant mom, waves of nausea and feeling uneasy can hit at any time of the day. Another thing, we don’t understand is why use the term Sickness because it really is a hormonal change which happens due to Pregnancy. But since it makes you uncomfortable lets use the phrase ‘Anytime Sickness’

Your Baby’s growth

The baby’s circulation system now kicks in, at this stage. Can you imagine how awesome that is? There is blood circulating to different body parts in your baby’s body. The baby’s dental buds start to develop and there’s a thin layer of skin forming. The baby’s head has also now formed. Your baby now has a head and a trunk.

Day 37, Food Cravings

Food cravings in pregnancy are quite normal.  A midnight snack or a mid day craving is something your body calls out for and it’s nothing to be worried about. Some Moms crave for something sweet, while others crave for something tangy in nature. There have been cases of mums cravings for junk food, cold desserts, yogurts so on and so forth.

Here is the logic to why this can happen

All this generally happens when there is a deficiency in the mom’s nutrient levels. For eg: Some moms crave tangy food and these are foods which are high in vitamin C. Iron levels drop during pregnancy and vitamin C helps the body to absorb more iron and hence naturally asks for the mother to eat more of vitamin C foods.

Following a Balance diet

If a mom follows a balanced diet and eats at regular intervals she may be able to curb cravings.

Pregnant Moms need to eat every 2-3 hours which means six meals. Three would be main meals and three are considered as snacks. It is important to know the basic concept of making a food plate. These would be your main meals. Each of your main meals must contain all the five food groups – Carbohydrates, Vegetables/Fruits, Protein, Milk Protein and Fats. All of these nutrients work in tandem with each other and hence there is maximum nutrient absorption which can thus cause lesser cravings in Pregnant moms

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Day 38, Importance of Folic Acid in Pregnancy

You are always wondering if you are consuming the right amount of nutrients during your pregnancy. You want to make sure that what you eat helps in the growth and development of your baby in the right manner. There are certain essential nutrients that are truly vital during your pregnancy.  This article will give you a brief overview of how folic acid helps you and your baby during pregnancy.

Folic Acid – Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate which is part of the vitamin B family. This nutrient is especially important in the three months prior to conception and in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is recommended that if you are a woman of child bearing age and are planning to have a baby then you should start taking a folic acid supplement regularly. It is essential for the development of the baby’s brain, skull and spine. Adequate intake of folate can help prevent abnormalities and birth defects related to the spine. Natural sources of Folic acid include legumes, fortified cereals, oranges and green leafy vegetables.

Ensuring that you consume adequate amounts of these vital nutrients is essential for every pregnancy so make sure that you include generous portions in your daily diet.

Day 39, Papaya Consumption During Pregnancy


Pregnant moms are advised to avoid eating Papayas as it can cause a miscarriage.


A mom to be would usually receive a lot of advice with regards to different topics in pregnancy and food seems to be a popular choice for all. You may have heard certain people talk about papayas being unsafe during pregnancy.

Usually the seeds of Papaya contain an element which can trigger contractions when consumed in large quantities.  Papain is dominant in raw papayas though and hence small portion of ripe papaya can be consumed safely during pregnancy.

Day 41, Four Pillars of Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most special times in a woman’s life. Being a mother in the true sense is a completion of woman hood.

Making pregnancy and birth comfortable and safe is every woman’s dream. Nausea and vomiting are the horrors of the first trimester. Backaches, sleep less nights and other complaints irritate in the third trimester. And the fear of a long, painful and complicated birth cause sleepless nights for many women. Women come into my classes with the fear of labor and looking for the magic formula which will eliminate LABOR PAIN. Of course that is not possible. Labor is the process in which the uterus opens and expels the baby and any muscle which exerts itself is bound to feel some degree of pain. Add to this are the different pain thresholds of different women. We cannot eliminate the above situations but we can surely attempt at making it more manageable and bearable.

What are the most important areas to concentrate on?

In my opinion a pregnancy rests on four pillars. If one is shaky then the troubles start.

The first pillar is DIET. This plays a very crucial role as it involves the overall mental and physical development of the baby. A well developed
baby can handle the rigors of labor well and hence last minute complications are averted. The well nourished mother can cope with her pregnancy as well as her labor much better. It also results in a timely birth which is really important. A baby which is born pre-term runs into many complications in the immediate post-natal period. Diet contributes to over all well being during pregnancy and proper nutrition planning can keep a number of common pregnancy complaints away.

The second pillar is EXERCISE. Exercise helps to tone and prepare your body for the task ahead. It makes the woman comfortable with her changing body. Pregnant women who find the time to follow a daily regimen of antenatal exercises report that they feel more comfortable and relaxed and are even able to sleep better. A good ante-natal exercise routine targets at improving circulation and flexibility. It is a combination of stretches and  breathing exercises with special focus on the muscles which will work during the birth process.

The third pillar is PSHYCHOLOGICAL FRAME OF MIND. A lot of what we experience is controlled by our mind. More than pain it is the erception of pain which is a major down fall. Pregnancy is associated with is comfort and labor with pain. It is this association that we must aim to remove from our minds. Instead let us look at pregnancy as nurturing a new life and birth as the most special and joyful moment of our life. The association of pain with birth will end. Approaching labor with this frame of mind will make the whole experience more enriching.

The last but not the least is your DOCTOR. It is important to select your
practioner with care. You need to be on the same wave length. You need a
person who understands your needs and someone with whom you can make a connection. Once you make this connection, then comes trust. It is
important to trust your practioner. Ask questions and do not harbor doubts. It will go a long way in making your pregnancy and birth a memorable experience.

Treat the above as your training guide lines. You do not run for a marathon without training, You do not give an exam without studying, so also You do not achieve a comfortable pregnancy and birth without concentrating on the FOUR PILLARS of PREGNANCY.

Day 42, Coconut related Myths

Myth 1

Eating coconut will make the baby fair.

Myth 2

Drinking coconut water will make the baby hairy and cause acidity to the mother.

Myth 3

Drinking coconut water will make the baby’s head large like a coconut.


Coconut is good for the mom and baby. Coconut water is a rich source of potassium and fresh coconut contains vital nutrients. The white part in the coconut has got nothing to do with the baby being fair skinned. A baby does not turn out hairy because of coconut water intake. That would be genetic in nature. Also drinking coconut water does not increase the size of the baby’s head in any way.