Day 148, Week 22

Your Pregnancy Journey

Yes, it’s that exciting part of your pregnancy where you would begin to notice a few changes in your body and the way it functions.  You are a pregnant mom, there’s a new life growing inside you and these changes are only normal to experience. This article is meant to give you a brief overview on the body changes you are likely to experience and a few measures you can take to make this change more comfortable

In the first trimester there is no visible bump and pregnant mums will be able to hide the same. This is because the uterus is still in the pelvic cavity. However since it has started to grow it puts a little pressure on the bladder which accounts for the need to urinate frequently. This need to urinate frequently also happens due to the hormone relaxin which causes the bladder muscles to relax. This means that the bladder does not understand that it is empty or full and many a times mums will fell the need to urinate more frequently

Belly size

After twenty the uterus has reached the belly button. Traditionally weeks of gestation would be counted by measuring the size of the uterus in centimetres. A doctor would generally measure the mothers abdomen with a measuring tape and determine the due date or the gestation age.

It is difficult for mom to hide the news now.


The moms buttock size also increases as the pelvis stretches to accomodate the growing baby and uterus. Many Indian myths state that if the buttocks are growing then the mom is carrying a girl and if the abdomen is growing then the mom is carrying a boy. However this is only a myth.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks also generally make an appearance in the second trimester. As the uterus grows the skin also stretches and when it can stretch no more it results in a stretch mark.

Dental Check up

Most moms will experience bleeding and or spongy gums. This is again due to the hormone relaxin. Since the gums are spongy there is a possibility of build up of plaque and tarter and this can lead to pre term contractions or early labor. It is also advisable for the mom to massage her gums after every brushing as well as ensure that she uses a soft tooth brush.

Baby’s growth

The baby now has a sleep and awake cycle which will continue in the first few weeks after delivery. Generally the baby is most active when you are resting which explains why new borns are more wakeful in the night and sleep more during the day.

Day 150, Sleeping at Night

Sleeping at night – 2nd Trimester

The good news is that sleeping at night during the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy normally becomes a lot easier for most moms. Mostly moms can sleep fairly well since urination has settled down. Also during this phase the bump may have started showing a little for most women however the bump is not too large hence the weight does not fall onto the back and disturb the sleeping position. Second trimester sleep is not really too much of a concern.

Also mostly the urge to eat at odd hours due and sudden hunger pangs do not not bother them in this phase. Most moms report they sleep like a log at this time. Also many other pregnancy symptoms like cramps or back ache may not yet have reared their head.

You can also do a few things to ensure you sleep well in this phase and to further develop good sleeping habits for the months to come.


Exercising and walking increases the intake of oxygen supply to your body, keeps you healthy, active and positive and helps you sleep better at night. Sign up to a good prenatal exercise session and map out a schedule for a time to exercise with the experts taking care of your safety and customising an exercise plan for you as per your body’s needs and requirements (Contact Awww for more info)

Invest in a good body pillow

Once you enter the third trimester of your pregnancy your doctor would advice you to sleep on your sides and not your back. It’s a good time now to invest in  body pillow now and to make it a habit to start sleeping on your sides with the help of your pillow. (Contact Awww to get one today)

Day 152, Plan Baby Shower with Awww

Plan your baby shower with Awww!

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Basic Home and Banquet baloon decor with ribbons – Rs. 5000

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Day 153, Birth Announcement Gifts from Awww

For a couple nothing can be more exciting that the life changing moment when your baby steps into the world. Everything else takes a backseat and thats a moment, feeling that you cant express in words. It’s joy and happiness that you want to share with the world and shout out from rooftops. We at Awww understand that emotion and feeling.

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Day 154, Pre Natal & Post Natal Massages

Pre natal massages and Post natal massage therapists from Awww

Pre Natal Massage- A prenatal massage relieves the “mother to be” from aches and pains. A pregnant woman experiences pain or swelling in their lower back, abdomen, head, feet etc. A good therapist can ease swelling and pain thus providing comfort to the “to be mother” and helping her relax.

Prenatal massages help increase oxygen in the blood. It helps in blood circulation through all the parts of the body thus ensuring enough oxygen and nutrients reach the mum and baby. It helps to tone the muscles of the body and helps ease sciatic pain. Most women face sleepless nights in pregnancy and prenatal massages helps in relaxing the mother thus decreasing insomnia. Pregnancy massages also help during depression and eases stress in the mind of mums thus helping them feel better.

Post Natal Massage- Post-delivery, some new mothers experience depression. A good professional therapist with the help of a good post natal massage can help the mother feel good, relaxed and happy which automatically releases endorphins – “feel good hormones” that help tackle depression. A post natal massage helps increase blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles and helps the mother get back into their pre pregnancy shape.

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