Day 20, Awww – The Inventor

Have you ever thought about living in the dark at night without an electric bulb or having to walk to be able to get to any place? There are inventions and then there are better versions or extra added features of different inventions. You can probably do without the upgraded technologically advanced versions and features (don’t get me wrong, they do make life easier) but to live without the first electric bulb, or the first car, or the first plane, or the first telephone would be rather unimaginable.

“I need a pregnancy sleeping pillow” I’ve gone through your website and have noticed you have these. Can you please help me with one asap” This was a call I got from a pregnant lady, (today delivered and blessed with a baby boy!) I met her and asked her a few questions to understand which was the best pillow for her and showed her the quality of the sample. She decided to purchase it then and there and paid me for it upfront. The next day I received a text from her saying “Thank you so much, I have slept well after almost 2 months and I wish I had found you earlier” She also went on to buy a lot of other products and services from us, and each time I went to meet her the pillow was smartly positioned on her side of the bed waiting for the owner to curl into it

“I don’t feel like I’m wearing any shoes. They are so soft” says another enthusiastic pregnant Awww Mom.” I am so happy someone is finally doing something to help us pregnant mums. Can I have one pair each in all the colours so that I can wear the black pair for my baby shower?”  Very fulfilling words to hear from those for whom you have carefully curated these products and services.

When we began taking our direct sales model from door to door to pregnant couples, we knew we had a solution to help them but when the solution not only helps, but makes them believe that they can’t have it any other way, you know that you have invented something.  Like they say “Necessity is the mother of Invention”

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