Acne or Skin Problems

Acne problems in Pregnancy is another common symptom that most pregnant moms face. Its nothing that you should be too worried or upset about. This is one of the skin changes that happens due to hormonal changes. The reason why this happens is because the sebacous glands in the skin become overactive and release more oily substances. This can cause the mom to break out into acne. You can do a few things to help the situation.

Face wash

Make sure that face is washed well and use a non-medicated and non-perfume face wash. Make sure you pat the skin after washing it and not scrub it cause thaty could irritate it further

Make up

Do not prick or poke the pimples or zits. If you do use make up opt for water based makes up and not oil based because that could lead to excessive blocking of the pores.

Balanced diet and fluid intake

Drink plenty of water so you are hydrates and your pores clean out. Equally important are your fruits and vegetables. They provide vitamins and minerals which help to support a healthy pregnancy. Of course they are also low in calories and hence can be eaten in plenty. Ensure that you have a minimum of five servings from the fruits and vegetables category. They will help keep you healthy and help keep away acne.

Over the counter medication

A lot of acne treatment creams available over the counter have certain ingredients that maybe considered harmful for your baby and you during pregnancy. Stay clear of those creams and prescriptions. Instead consult a Pregnancy skin expert and let them guide you on the safe products that can be used during Pregnancy. Contact Awww today to get skin expert advice during Pregnancy

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