Healthy Pregnancy @Rs88

How do you intend to spend 88 bucks today?

An autorickshaw ride or a healthy pregnancy ride? Street food for two or a days worth maternity care? Vada pav  plan with friends or the right nutrition plan for your pregnant wife? Mobile internet recharge plan or a pregnancy plan? Cool Cab or cool mum to be?

How would you prioritize your needs if I said there was a service that offered you a Basic Pregnancy care plan for Rs. 88 a day that would help keep the mom to be healthy and happy both physically and mentally and make your 9 months journey comfortable and stress free. If you are an expecting father reading this blog you would probably be a little inquisitive to figure out how this works. If you are are an expecting mom you would probably be a whole lot relieved to hear that something like this finally exists.

In India when couples realize they are pregnant they look to different places to source information that they might need. Search engines, Doctors, friends and family are zones they turn to for help and guidance mainly because that’s the closest point of contact and  a reliable point of contact from their perspective. But here is the challenge –  Search engines would give you answers to symptoms you face during pregnancy which may or not be applicable to your case since Pregnancy experiences for each individual may not be the same. With the growing nuclear family trend, friends and family may not always be as accessible and the information passed on may not always be as accurate, considering we are a society governed by a lot of pregnancy myths, and lastly doctors can help you with the medical piece of help and information to keep the mum and baby healthy, what do you do about the non medical bit of pregnancy that focuses on your mental and physical state during pregnancy?

What if you had industry experts at your door step ready to offer you all that you need in terms of reliable timely and adequate information (myth free) products and services related to pregnancy? Awww offers you just that and promises to make your pregnancy journey memorable. The areas covered in the Awww Basic Care Pregnancy Plan are – Pre natal and post natal classes covering 10 crucial topics across pregnancy like customized diet and nutrition, customized exercises depending upon your body needs, labour and delivery, breastfeeding and lactation, child care, baby growth, body change, baby home proofing workshops to safeguard your home from any dangers etc. The plan also includes customized pregnancy pillows to help you through those sleepless nights and  anti skid specialized pregnancy shoes to help accommodate swelling, excessive sweat and  increase in foot size if any

You could avail all this for Rs. 88 a day only. So the question still remains – What would you prioritize?  The answer,  I leave upto you 🙂

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