Swollen feet

Swollen ankles, toes and overall swelling in the feet are normal symptoms that occur in the 6 or 7th month of your pregnancy.

A few moms don’t experience it but a large majority of mums do find some foot changes. Along with swelling a lot of moms also do go up one foot size. Shocked?? Well don’t be. This normally takes place because of the hormone relaxin which tends to loosen the ligaments in your feet thus resulting in an increase in your foot size.

In this phase a lot of mums don’t quite feel comfortable in their existing shoes. The shoes feel tighter, less comfortable and may result in further swelling, redness if you continue wearing your pre pregnancy footwear. Most mums have learnt to live with this discomfort for a long time.

Not anymore!

Awww offers you Maternity Shoes that are not only comfortable but are fashionable too. These shoes contract and expand due to flexi leather thus comforting swollen ankles and feet. It is bite free, anti-slip with power cushioning insole and keeps the mum happy and comfortable.

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