Prenatal Facial

Prenatal Facial


Pre Natal Facial

Pregnant and not sure what are the safe beauty treatments? Awww brings you a list of safe facial procedures that can be used during your pregnancy as well. Choose from our list below depending upon your Pregnancy trimester and skin type


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Product Description

Facial Valentine (75mins)
Removes tan,skin tightening
Glistening Dew (45mins)
Accelerates Skin cell renewal, Results in smooth younger Skin
All bright (60mins)
Tightens pore ,Regulates Melanin Bio synthesis, Lightens the skin.
Enlighten (45mins)
provides radiant, firmer and a glowing complexion.
White Tea (60mins)
 Lighten the skin evenly and promotes skin firmness.
Pureza (45mins)
Sebum control, Unclogs and reduces pore size ,minimises scars
Pure Pamper (45mins)
Eliminates dull skin, Antibacterial, Smoothens skin texture and brightens the skin tone
Oxygenating (45mins)
Oil free Hydrator, Controls excess sebum,Results into a tighter and a glowing skin
Eternal Hydro (45mins)
Helps in rebulding Collagen, Improves the skin texture for a glowing skin
Glovite (80mins)
Anti-ozonate  complex, papain (papaya enzyme) ,cucumber extract , almond oil, orange extract& vitamin E.
Vitalift (60mins)
Non-surgical face lift, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, tightens muscles and firms skin, improves skin metabolism and stimulate blood circulation.
Magnetic Well Being (60mins)
Deep cleaning,keeping skin healthy

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All Skin, Dehydrated, Dry, Mature, Normal, Normal to Dry, Oily to Combination, Pigmented, Whitening

Facial Type

All Bright Facial, Enlighten Facial, Eternal Hydro Facial, Glistening Dew Facial, Glovite Facial, Magnetic Wellbeing, Oxygenating Facial, Pureza Facial, Velvet, Vitalift, White Tea Facial

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