Post Delivery Awww Hamper

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Specially designed by experts in order to help new mums with the most important products post delivery, this Awww Hamper pack includes:

– Breastfeeding Pillow x 1
– Feeding Cloak x 1
– Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle (Tea for Nourishing Feeds & Natural Nipple Butter) x 1
– Baby Swaddle cum Sleep Bag x 1

Maternity Product
Sold By: All Maternity Needs Under One Roof - Awww India

Product Description

Breastfeeding Pillow– Facing posture issue while breastfeeding your baby? Comfeed Pillows By Nina introduces you to a perfect solution – Breast-feeding pillow. Baby Feeding Pillow is a carefully designed accessory for nursing mothers and newborns. It renders sheer comfort and allows the mother and the baby to cherish special bonds while breast-feeding.

Feeding Cloak– Finally you can breastfeed your baby anywhere, anytime in complete privacy. No more worrying about your baby’s feeding schedule if you’re out and about. No more worrying about where you are and who’s surrounding you. My Stork Story Feeding Cloak has an easy, adjustable strap so you can just adjust it to your size once and then slip it on/off in a moment. Its unique, rigid neckline allows you to keep an eye on your precious one while feeding and allows for ventilation. The soft, lightweight and breathable cotton fabric enhances air circulation and keeps your baby cool. This Feeding Cloak is compact and foldable so you can carry it in any size of bag. And when attached to a stroller, it offers protection from the sun, wind and dust.

Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle (Tea for Nourishing Feeds & Natural Nipple Butter)- We know Breastfeeding is hard, but it is also the best for your baby. With our Breastfeeding Essentials bundle, we are here to help ease the pain!

While our Caffeine-Free Nourishing Feeds Tea with ingredients like Fennel Seeds (saunf) and Aniseeds help with milk flow, our Natural Nipple Butter helps soothe cracked and sore nipples.

Baby Swaddle Cum Sleep Bag– Recreating the familiar snug and secure feeling of a mother’s womb is the best thing you can do for a newborn baby. This is because their arms and legs tend to jerk and startle if not restrained, and this suddenly wakes them up. However, frequently swaddling a restless baby in a swaddle cloth demands skill, time and patience.  Introducing the perfect solution: My Stork Story Swaddle Cum Sleep Bag.Just slip it on to your baby and zip it up  to swaddle. As your baby grows older,convert it to a Sleep Bag by opening  the armhole buttons and letting baby’s hands free!


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