Blush 9 Maternity’s Floral Printed Nursing Poncho


Nursing Poncho, Nursing Wrap, Maternity and Nursing Tunic.

Maternity Product
Sold By: NKP Textile Solutions
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Product Description

Nursing Wrap This Blush 9 nursing wrap fits comfortably as a top without looking like any typical type of maternity item, and has plenty of space for your baby to discreetly breastfeed without the obvious appearance of many other nursing covers. The neckline is stretchy enough to be easily pulled aside to check on your baby or make eye contact while feeding. Advantages 1.Fashionable:- Can be worn as a wrap during pregnancy to hide the bump.2. Nursing:- The cover provides full coverage while nursing in public.
3. Fabric:- The ultra soft viscose fabric is 4 way stretchable and can be used for other multiple uses like a baby stroller cover, Silky soft baby blanket, wrap, towel and many other fantastic uses.


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