Awww Maternity Photoshoot- Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore


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Photoshoot Deliverables

  1. 2 hour shoot time
  2. Props include – Danglers, Text Boxes, Chinese Umbrella, Tiara and a lot more Client’s personal items will be incorporated, if available.
  3. 20 digital touched up pictures
  4. 2 outfit changes
  5. All Raw Data will be provided post the shoot
  6. Location Indoor  at home or outdoor

When to plan?

It’s best if you plan your shoot around the end of 7th month.

Props for your Maternity Photoshoot

  • Props include – Danglers, Text Boxes, Chinese Umbrella, Tiara and a lot more Client’s personal items will be incorporated, if available.

Client’s personal items will be incorporated, if available. More focus on Natural shots, highlighting the belly, the mother and the couple together.

Tips for your Maternity Photoshoot

  • Decide on a location comfortable for you.
  • Choose the outfit and the look you would like in your portraits, one which accentuates the baby bump.
  • Try to avoid big/floral prints and heavy jewellery as these distract attention from your beautiful belly.
  • Wear comfortable footwear.
  • Have snacks and water handy during the shoot.
  • Have a talk with your photographer beforehand for the inclusion of older children and/or parents and any poses you have in mind.
  • Overall, enjoy the shoot, for these wonderful moments will become memories of a lifetime.

Available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune

Maternity Service
Sold By: All Maternity Needs Under One Roof - Awww India

Product Description

Preparation tips for Pregnant Mums

Awww believes in creating the most Awwwsome experience for its Parents to be. Capture those early pregnancy moments, flaunt that baby bump, and utilize our expertise with props, wardrobe styling and concept ideas for that perfect maternity photo shoot you always wanted.

In order to get ready for the photoshoot you have been dreaming of make sure you arrange for the following-

  1. Narrow down on Pastel shade outfits for your photoshoot. Either gowns or tops but stick to pastel shades as they tend to make pictures look between.
  2. If you like something in particular that have you seen before, let our team about it so we can prepare to shoot with you on similar lines before the actual day of the shoot.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated with plenty water so that your skin looks fresh and there is a natural glow.
  4. It may be fun to also think about a few poses on how you would like to flaunt that baby bump, individual and couple poses.
  5. Get plenty of rest and a good night sleep the previous day.
  6. If you like you can also choose from a list of facial services available from Awww. Our therapist can come down a day before and help you so you are ready for the big day.
  7. You could also think of relaxing and pampering yourself further by indulging in a good pregnancy massage. Contact us at Awww and we will bring our expert therapists to you to help you relax before your photoshoot.
  8. The most important point of all. Stay happy, and think about how beautiful this pregnancy phase is and leave the rest to the experts at Awww!

Additional Information

Booking Date

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