Nausea/Morning sickness

We really don’t know why this is called Morning Sickness, mainly because for a pregnant mom, waves of nausea and feeling uneasy can hit at any time of the day. Another thing, we don’t understand is why use the term Sickness because it really is a hormonal change which happens due to Pregnancy. But since it makes you uncomfortable lets use the phrase ‘Anytime Sickness

Here are a few tips to managing ‘Anytime Sickness’.

1. Eat small meals and make sure you stay away from fried and processed foods. Also stay away from sugary foods.

2. If this is a morning affliction for you, then don’t just jump out of bed raring to go. Keep a jar of dry crackers or plain biscuits next to your bed. Reach for one as soon as you wake up and nibble on it. Lie back and snooze for an additional 15 minutes and then get started.

3. If it is “Anytime” affliction then I would recommend snacking on a dry toast or a plain biscuit every couple of hours. These are carbohydrates and will help settle the stomach acids.

4. Run an inventory of smells which trigger off the nausea. For some it may be the toothpaste and for others it may be certain foods. Try and keep away from the smells which irritate you.

5. Ginger plays a great role in helping you handle this condition. Nibbling on a tiny sliver of ginger or mixing ginger juice with a little honey and consuming a teaspoon when you feel uncomfortable can give relief.

6. You could also avoid spicy foods and make sure you eat your high protein foods with enough fibre in the form of fresh fruits of vegetables

7. Anti-nausea bands are also available in the market and these can be used for relief.

Most of the times the hormonal changes are most dramatic in the first few weeks and they settle down in the second trimester. But for some moms the feeling of nausea may continue for the entire nine months or may reappear in the third trimester. It is important to remember that the baby is feeding of the mother and in the first few weeks even if you are not able to hold too much the baby will get nourished from your reserves. You will do well to identify certain foods which suit you and mix and match them to form your own days meal plan. Its really ok to eat the same foods every day as long as they are healthy, you are able to hold them and they make you feel comfortable. You might want to stay away from high protein foods for a few weeks as they take longer to digest and hence can make you feel uncomfortable. If you are unable to hold anything then you must inform your doctor as this is known as ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’ and this condition needs to be treated. Medications prescribed to help you cope with these hormonal changes are safe to be taken during pregnancy so do follow your doctor’s instructions and guidelines.

Contact Awww and let us help you devise a good nutrition and diet plan to help ease discomforts during this phase.

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