Intense dreams

Finding it difficult to sleep at night due to weird intense dreams? Don’t worry! Intense dreams in pregnancy are a fairly normal occurrence. This generally happens when the mum isn’t in deep sleep. Since pregnant mom’s need to urinate frequently at night, they find themselves constantly waking up. Also mums are uncomfortable due to their growing belly and are not allowed to sleep on their back which means that they are disturbed frequently thus leading to a unpleasant sleeping experience .

There are a few things that you can do to help this phase

1)      Use a Body pillow-A good multipurpose body pillow is your best friend in this phase. Inability to sleep in a comfortable position can add to you already existing anxiety levels. Use a multipurpose body pillow that will help keep you comfortable and provide support to your back and tummy throughout the night. Contact Awww to get one today

2)      Cut off on caffeine- Cut off on any caffeine intake that may also cause you to be alert and up at night

3)      Listen to calming music- Listen to some peaceful calm tunes that will help you rest and put you in a good mood

4)      Meditation and deep breathing- Meditation and deep breathing can also help you relax and make you comfortable

5)      Exercise in the evening- Exercising helps keep you active, fresh and sets a positive state of mind.

6)      Warm Milk- A nice hot cup of warm milk with honey can do the trick instantly. Have your partner rub your back gently which will help you relax and sleep well.

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