Experiencing breathlessness while carrying out everyday tasks? Do you feel like you are unable to climb stairs or speak for long durations without feeling breathless?  Mild Breathlessness in pregnancy is quite normal and can be quite draining to deal with.

Why does this occur?

Pregnant mums lungs are growing to accommodate and provide for additional oxygen for her baby inside of her and this can cause the feeling of breathlessness.  Your Pregnancy hormones are making you suck in more oxygen for you and your baby and even day to day tasks can feel tiring in nature

But don’t worry you can take small measures to help deal with this situation

Deep Breathing

Make some time everyday to do some deep breathing. Concentrate on your breath as you breathe in and breathe out and this practice is not only good for you and your baby’s health but will also help you deal with pregnancy anxieties and breathlessness

Take a few moments!

While climbing stairs mom should pause at every landing take a few deep breaths and then proceed further.


Exercises as suggested by your prenatal care provider can also help deal with the feeling of breathlessness

However along with breathlessness if you experience chest pain, cough or severely not being able to breathe you must call your doctor immediately

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