Day 91, Food to Eat and Avoid

Food groups: What must you eat and what must you avoid in pregnancy!

Eating for two is what comes to mind when you find out that you are pregnant. But is that really true ? When you announce your good news, you are inundated with well meaning advice and most of it is food related. And of course as a mother you want to do what is best for your developing baby. So let’s take a look at how to optimally plan your meals during pregnancy.

Pregnant Moms need to eat every 2-3 hours which means six meals. Lets look at the combination of different food categories that should make your every meal. These would be your main meals. Each of your main meals must contain all the five food groups – Carbohydrates, Vegetables/Fruits, Protein, Milk Protein and Fats. All of these nutrients work in tandem with each other and hence there is maximum nutrient absorption. Imagine if my hand was missing one finger, the hand would not be fully functional right ? The same way if any food group is missing from the meal then the absorption of nutrients is not optimum.

Most food items are safe for a pregnant mom to consume. However there is a short list which must be avoided – Uncooked eggs which can appear in various desserts, Soft cheeses, Unpasteurized Milk or Milk products, Sea food with shells, Raw fish, Tuna, Mackerel, Sword Fish, Shark Fish, Processed meat and excessive amounts of caffeine. Caffeine can sneak into not only tea and coffee but aerated drinks as well.

If you are not able to eat everything but can still hold some food that’s ok too since at this time the baby is feeding off the mother. Your body has enough store of nutrients to ensure that the baby is nourished even if you are currently not able to eat too much.

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