Day 73, Headaches

Headaches in Pregnancy are very common especially in the 1st trimester of your pregnancy. These could be related to various causes.  Headaches during pregnancy can arise out of stress, hormonal changes, not eating properly, acidity, insufficient water intake, fatigue etc.

If these are sudden and have no explanation and are splitting then they must be reported to the doctor.  If the mom can explain the cause like not having eaten, not slept well or been out in the sun then rest, and maybe a mild dose of medication can help to relieve the same. Do not take medications without consulting the doctor. Asprin is contraindicated during pregnancy.

You can also try deep breathing and meditating to help relieve headaches during pregnancy. Adequate intake of fluids and eating on time can also help in headaches during pregnancy. Exercising and walking can also help in some cases. You could also get help from a professional pre natal pregnancy masseuse that can help soothe some of your pressure points and provide relief to headaches in Pregnancy. Call Awww and let us help you with our professional pregnancy massage therapists today.

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