Day 70, If the Girl’s mother knows she’s in Labor, it is Bad Luck


If the girl’s mother knows that her daughter is in labor then it is bad luck


This statement is totally untrue. Labour and contractions are nature’s way of starting the actual process of childbirth. Every human pregnant female body goes through this process and at the end of it there is wonderful small life that enters the world spreading immense joy and happiness. During the process or labour and delivery, the mum and baby’s well being is top priority for the doctor conducting the procedure and he/she will take necessary actions to ensure that both the mum and baby are stable and doing well. There is no correlation with bad luck, if the to be grandmother’s knows that her daughter has gone into labour. Infact it is a happy phase for the grandparents to be and such a myth should not take away from their moment of happiness. A mother would always want her daughter to be safe and happy wherever she is in the world and her blessings would only further add to a smooth process of labour and delivery

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