Day 63, Craving for Sweets


If you crave sweet then it’s a girl and if you crave spicy then it’s a boy.


Some Pregnant Moms have cravings for sweet; some have cravings for something tangy in nature. Other moms crave junk food, cold desserts; yogurts so on and so forth. So why does this happen? Well there is reasoning to that and it definitely has got nothing to do with the mum either carrying a girl or a boy.

All this generally happens when there is a deficiency in the mom’s nutrient levels. For eg: Some moms crave tangy food and these are foods which are high in vitamin C. Iron levels drop during pregnancy and vitamin C helps the body to absorb more iron and hence naturally asks for the mother to eat more of vitamin C foods.  A good balanced diet should help the mom balance her nutrients level in the body.

Hormones also play a huge part to create cravings in mums during pregnancy.

Hence please be rest assured that the food cravings have got nothing to do with the baby’s gender

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